StyleTech: No ticket for Fashion Week? No problem!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has officially begun, and fabulous designers from all over the world will be showcasing their Spring/Summer 2012 collections in New York City.  Sitting front row at ‘the...
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StyleTech: Let technology find your best fit!

When it comes to shopping, we’ve all been there – you try on clothes in six different stores, and the exact same size fits you in six different ways – or not at all. And this doesn’t...
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StyleTech: Technology can save you big bucks on designer fashions!

Flash sales websites are all the rage these days – they’re those great sites where you can get huge discounts on lots of different things like vacations, spa services, or pretty much anything...
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StyleTech: Thank technology for the most comfortable shoes ever!

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StyleTech – The technology ‘behind’ a better-looking booty

Yep, you read that right – now you have science to thank for a great looking tush!  Women with Control ®, designed by Renee Greenstein, is a super-stylish and even more comfortable line of bottoms...
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Hello Fashion, Meet Technology!

With Fashion Week ending just last week, I thought it would be totally appropriate to talk a little bit about how fashion and technology mesh in the real world.
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