Oh SnApp! Get around easily while on travel with HopStop

The situation:  you’re on vacation or business travel.  The problem:  how do you navigate around a new city?  The answer:  HopStop!
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Oh SnApp! Stop Texting & Driving Once and For All

In 2010, almost 2 million car accidents were caused by the use of cell phones while driving.
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Oh SnApp! Tech for Tax Season

Happy Digital Friday!  How do you like the new makeover?  We’re always trying to keep things fresh here at ‘A Matter of Life and Tech’, so I thought with the arrival of spring, it...

Oh SnApp! Find cool apps with this app

I know you all just love these Oh SnApp! videos and I hope you’ll keep checking back right here on ‘A Matter of Life and Tech’ to get more great tips!  But if you’re in a pinch...
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Oh SnApp! Get Fit with Tech!

Hey everyone, this week’s Digital Friday is a two-fer!  You get Oh SnApp! and FitTech in one shot!

Oh SnApp! – Turn your phone into a scanner

  It’s Digital Friday and this week’s video features a handy app that can help you on the go.
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Oh SnApp! – A Must-Have App for Parents!

  We know you loved it, and Oh SnApp is back for the new year!  Today it’s all about helping to make parents’ lives easier.

Oh SnApp! Wanna get rid of your glasses? There’s an app for that – coming soon!

As someone who wore glasses most of her life, I can really appreciate the idea behind this app.  And I had heard about exercises and training that you could do to try to strengthen your eyes and improve...
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Oh SnApp! – The app that’s making your life easier this week

  Did you ever wish you could have a personal stylist follow you around to make sure you looked fabulous at all times?  Well now there’s an app for that!  Check out my latest video post!
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Oh SnApp!: The app that might save your neck this week!

Sexting has been all over the place recently, from politicians (I’m talking to you Anthony Weiner) to teenagers.
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