Free Movie Screening – Wednesday, October 8th

    Hey! If you’re in the greater Philadelphia area, come on out to see a sneak preview of a new movie hitting theaters on October 10th! “Men, Women, & Children” is an...
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#Tech2Go: Be Careful What You “Like” on Facebook

Hey There!  If you didn’t already know, in addition to all the wonderful content you can find right here on AMOLAT, I also write a weekly tech-life column for
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TechTrends: Beware! Your smartphone apps are watching you…

I think mobile apps are the best thing since sliced bread.  They make life so much easier by offering convenient ways to get organized, take great photos, manage your finances, or just kill some time...
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TechTrends: Get Ready to Pay Up – Facebook May Start Charging for Status Updates

Did you know that out of a possible 5000 allowed friends on your personal Facebook page, only about 12% of them will ever see your status updates?  Currently, the social network’s algorithm is...

TechGuest: BrothaTech’s Tech-savvy Travel Tips

  Try saying that title five times fast, LOL!  You might get little tongue-tied, but this week’s Digital Friday post will get you tech-ready to go!

TechGuest: Fajr Muhammad helps us “unplug”

It’s Digital Friday! Today we are honored to have a guest post from Fajr Muhammad. She is the super-fab editor-in-chief of the female empowerment and personal style blog ‘Stylish Thought‘,...
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Talking Tech With…Bill Anderson of WURD 900AM

  Happy New Year!  January is always a time of renewal, so why should ‘A Matter of Life and Tech’ be any different?  We’ve done a couple of things to get a great start to 2012.

TechTrends: Till Death Do You Tweet?

In addition to A Matter of Life and Tech, one of the other media outlets I write for is  This week’s topic, “What Happens to Your Online Identity when You Die?”
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TechTrends: Will Google+ replace Facebook?

  Google’s second attempt at social networking, Google+, is being met with mixed reviews at best.  Right now, it’s being field tested by a small number of users, with a full rollout...
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TechTrends: Is Myspace making a comeback?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  The once-powerful social media website responsible for launching the career of Tila Tequila is a shell of its former self.  Myspace, bought six years ago for $580 million,...