Free Movie Screening – Wednesday, October 8th

    Hey! If you’re in the greater Philadelphia area, come on out to see a sneak preview of a new movie hitting theaters on October 10th! “Men, Women, & Children” is an...
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The Heartbleed Bug explained

Over the course of the past week, a vulnerability in the internet was discovered that has the potential to harm two-thirds of the websites on the net. The Heartbleed bug has been negatively affecting...
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Can You Keep a ‘Secret’? New app shares your innermost thoughts

    In this world of social media and oversharing, you’d think an app that allowed you to remain completely anonymous would be a good thing, right? And in some respects, the Secret app...
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Tax Day Is Almost Here!

April 15th is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you still haven’t even started the process of filing your income taxes. Technology makes it easier than ever to get it...
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Wearable Tech You Actually Want To Wear

Sometimes, aesthetics do matter. I’m supremely impressed by the technology of Google Glass, but those have to be some of the most un-stylish specs I’ve seen since Steve Urkel. And while fitness...
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Protect Ya Tech! Cold-weather smartphone tips

  I think we can all relate to this young man right now! Mother Nature is kicking our proverbial butts, and while you need to make sure you’re stocked up on bread, eggs, and rock salt, you...
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We’re baaaack!

Hey there everyone! I know it’s been a while, but A Matter of Life and Tech is back and better than ever! As you can see, we have a new look featuring a brand new logo, and I’m ready to get...
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Oh SnApp! Tech for Tax Season

Happy Digital Friday!  How do you like the new makeover?  We’re always trying to keep things fresh here at ‘A Matter of Life and Tech’, so I thought with the arrival of spring, it...

Oh SnApp! – Turn your phone into a scanner

  It’s Digital Friday and this week’s video features a handy app that can help you on the go.
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Oh SnApp! – A Must-Have App for Parents!

  We know you loved it, and Oh SnApp is back for the new year!  Today it’s all about helping to make parents’ lives easier.