Oh SnApp! The app that’s making your life easier this week

Oh SnApp! The app that’s making your life easier this week

I never really understood the usefulness/value/purpose of apps until I got my iPhone.  Now, I can honestly say that apps really can make your life run a lot more efficiently.

Angry Birds aside, there are some great apps out there.  (Full disclosure:  I have that one on my phone too!)  Here’s the app that’s making life easier this week:

With April 15 just around the corner, TurboTax is making doing your taxes ridiculously easy.  You take a picture of your W-2 on your phone, and SnapTax will input all of the info into a form and even file for you!  It costs $14.99 if you file you taxes using TurboTax, $19.99 if you file another way.  The downside is that SnapTax currently only handles 1040EZ forms, so if you itemize, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.  But what a great sense of accomplishment you’ll get from knowing your taxes are done and you finished them on the train ride home!

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  1. There is a really cool cell phone app that helps parents protect kids – it’s called TextZapper – it has a few functions –
    1) prevents them from texting and driving

    2) message monitoring, 11,00 keywords, to alert parents to references to bullying, drugs, weapons, sexting…

    Love to give you more info! Give me a call or shoot me an email 856-857-1440 or ahackett@mbandassociatespr.com

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