Wearable Tech You Actually Want To Wear

Wearable Tech You Actually Want To Wear


Sometimes, aesthetics do matter. I’m supremely impressed by the technology of Google Glass, but those have to be some of the most un-stylish specs I’ve seen since Steve Urkel. And while fitness bands like Fitbit and Jawbone have become popular, they’re still not something I see myself wearing outside of the gym.

Enter Cuff – a line of very chic and functional jewelry that also serves an important purpose. Each piece contains a CuffLinc device which can be interchanged between the different necklaces, bracelets, and key chains in the line. The CuffLinc contains a bluetooth sensor that connects with an app on your phone. When the CuffLinc is pressed, your pre-assigned contacts are alerted to the fact that you may be in danger or distress.

Cuff was developed by Deepa Sood, formerly the VP of Product Development for Restoration Hardware. The website touts the jewelry as “piece of mind at the touch of a button…adding style to safety”. The battery lasts a year without needing to be charged, and all of the pieces are water-resistant and can be worn in the rain or the shower.

Pre-orders for Cuff jewelry are available now, and the pieces range in price from $50-$150. Normally, you’d have to buy the actual CuffLinc device separately for $30, but it’s included free for a limited time. Sood and the team see lots of additional functionality coming soon.

Overall, these pieces are definitely something I would actually wear, and the fact that there is a safety element involved makes them even more attractive. I think for the idea of wearable technology to truly take off, this is the direction that it needs to be headed.

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