Would You Use Linkedin to Hook Up?

Would You Use Linkedin to Hook Up?



In today’s internet society, there is no shortage of social networks with which to chat, flirt, rant, and comment on just about anything under the sun. But the one thing I had always appreciated about Linkedin was that it at least seemed to be last bastion of pure intention online. People signed up and created profiles because they wanted to do business, right? Well now a new app lets you find other potential connections looking to do more than just network.

LinkedUp is being called “the Tinder of Linkedin”, and that sums it up pretty nicely. You sign in with your Linkedin username and password, and the app pulls in your photo, education, and employment info from the social network. You can add more photos and a ‘tagline’ if you’d like. You then choose your “match settings”, telling LinkedUp what gender you’re interested in, age range, and how far away you’d like to search from your location. If you share the app with friends, you can unlock Industry or Schools features, which will further narrow your search by those criteria as well.

Once you’re all set up, all you have to do is swipe! Similar to Tinder, different profiles pop up on your phone and you can swipe left to ‘Pass’ or right to ‘Like’ a profile and express interest. Tapping the photo will bring up some of that person’s Linkedin info, including location and current title. Shared connections are also shown, if any. If you like someone that likes you in return, you can initiate a chat.

While LinkedUp has no official affiliation with Linkedin, it still seems a little bit like a ding to the brand in my opinion. I’d be disappointed to think that there are people who are only signing up on Linkedin to get a date (although I know plenty of women who’ve been solicited on the network already). Maybe it’s a bit naive to think that that would never happen, and maybe this is a safe way to approach someone without overstepping professional bounds. Hey, at least you know if they have a job, right?

LinkedUp is free for iPhone.


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